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Volunteer Application

Click here to download the volunteer applicaton (Adobe PDF).

Volunteer In Parks! As a volunteer you are a vital part of our Kentucky State Parks operation and each year more than 500 dedicated volunteers assist at a variety of capacities. Without you, some campers would go unregistered, golf courses would not operate efficiently and some programs would not be provided at all. So, please sign up to volunteer at your favorite park because we need your help!

Volunteer Opportunities

What do you like to do?

Meets and welcomes park visitors. Answer questions, give directions and park related information, including a history of the park and area.

Campground Host
Provides assistance and information to campers, registers campers and provides some custodial services.

Clerical Assistant
Provides typing, filing and answers phones, operates cash register and can work in sales area.

Golf Course Attendant
Monitors and controls play on golf courses and other duties assigned.

General Maintenance
Provides services to park grounds and facilities, including improvement in painting, repairs and general park care. This includes housekeeping and cleaning responsibilities.

Golf Maintenance
Provides maintenance and custodial services by helping to maintain greens, fairways and golf course in general.

Provides park grounds with improvements in planting, painting, repairs and some custodial services.

Cares for plantings, designs and cares for flower/plant material arrangements. Assists with creating and maintaining flowerbeds, gardens and care for trees and other plant species.

Takes slides, photographs, digital photographs or videos of park facilities, special events and recreational activities.

Program Specialist
Provides special guest programs such as recreational, interpretive or historical demonstrations.

Assists in research projects and/or data collection in historical, natural or other areas of the park operation.

Resource Steward
Provides research data, field notes and information about natural areas of the park.

Tour Guide / Docent
Conducts interpretive tours/talks at historical buildings, museums or other park features.

Trails Steward
Provides routine maintenance and works on new trail construction.

Volunteer Benefits

Benefits are available at all state parks during the term of service of a volunteer.

Two free pool passes.

Discount at park gift shops.

Discount at park dining rooms.

Use of certain recreational facilities on the park.

Campground hosts receive one free campsite in the park campground during the duration of service. *

Golf course attendants receive certain golf privileges.

* To be eligible for these benefits you must work a minimum of ten (10) hours each week. Campground hosts must work a minimum of thirty (30) hours each week.

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