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What is it?

Learn park trivia & search for the perfect photo op as you explore Kentucky State Parks at your own pace throughout 2015! You may be looking for plants, seeking historic items, flying a kite, or showing off your artistic abilities. Let your quest booklet serve as a guide to a year’s worth of adventures with your friends or family!

$15 registration for a group of 2-6 people gets you:
• Booklet of Quests
• F.A.Q. Hat
• KY State Park Kite (yes, you’ll be using it!)

Challenges will take your team to various parks and historic sites in search of your next adventure. Most challenges will require use of a digital camera, and some might need a bit of online research before heading out. In order to be eligible for prizes upon completion, quest photos will need to be submitted as high resolution electronic images on CD (non-returnable) along with your booklet.

What’s new for 2015?

For this 10th year of the Family Adventure Quest, you have a choice of your park-specific quests being in the eastern or western half of the state (the non-park-specific quests can be done state-wide). See map here. Only one quest can be submitted for prizes per household.

Besides fun with my family, what do I get?

The more quests you complete, the more you earn! Complete 10 or more correctly and receive a free night stay at any resort park (Sun—Thurs.) plus free passes to park museums/house tours for your team!

Complete 20 = $25 KY State Park Gift Card (plus the lodge stay and passes)

Complete 25 = $50 KY State Park Gift Card (plus the lodge stay and passes)

Where do I sign up?!

Click here to download the registration form today, or call 1-502-564-2172 to request one by mail.

Read what past participants are saying about their FAQ experience:

“We had a great time! My kids would get so excited when I said we were going to do a “quest” that weekend. I became a little obsessed with going to as many parks as possible and doing every quest. We didn’t get to all of them this year. Can’t wait for next year!
Ivy Jones, 2014 (1st year)

“Team Brunson inadvertently found the road less traveled – again this year. Sometimes getting to the parks is half the fun.”
Team Brunson, 2014 (4th year)

“We had a wonderful time. We look forward to 2015’s quest! Thank you for helping us create beautiful family memories.”
Henderson Hikers, 2014 (2nd year)

“Thank you, we had fun. This is a great excuse to get outdoors & visit our beautiful state parks. We love it!”
Blueberry Flower Owls, 2014 2nd year

“We love the quests! Though some find to be too far of a drive, we still take the time to look them up & learn something new. It’s been a great way to notice what the parks offer with a new view!!"
Team Barefoot n Fireside, 2014 (2nd year)

“This is a great way to ‘see’ parks! My girls love searching for pictures. Love visiting and enjoying different part of our state!”
The Diddle Family, Megan Diddle, 2013 (3rd year)

“This was a great family activity. Our kids are 3 and 6 years old, and they had a lot of fun. We often brought picnics, so the adventures were inexpensive too. Thank you!”
Team Hoops Lackey, 2013

“Love that there are levels of completion and prizes for each. Glad it’s not all or nothing!!”
Team Pauly D’s 2012

We loved it! Our family had lots of fun. We plan to do it again!
Team Stotts 2009

"Wow – what a great park system we have in our Commonwealth. My wife & I have been visiting a lot of them over the past couple years. We did the Family Adventure Quest with my mom and dad last year, and did our own this year. We had great fun! Just wanted to thank you guys for the good work you are doing for our parks and our people. We have a state park system that is the envy of the nation.”
The Deans 2007