Kentucky Tourism

Summer Bird Hike Louisville, KY


3000 Freys Hill rd
E.P. "Tom" Sawyer State Park
Louisville, KY 40241

Now that the migration period has mostly ended, the birds have settled in, and we will set out to see which ones we can see or hear. We will hike around various areas of the park looking for our feathered friends. Feel free to bring an ID book or binoculars to assist in identifying the different species.  Please dress for the weather, as this hike will continue in most conditions.  The hike will take off from the archery range at 10:00am and end around 12:00pm. The fee for the hike is $3.00 a person, children 3 and under are FREE! Call 502-429-7270 for more info or email

Nick Price
3000 Freys Hill rd,
Louisville, KY 40241
Phone: (502) 429-7270